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Anti-Aging Injections and Wrinkles Removal in St Kilda

Improve your aesthetic appeal by dentofacial rejuvenation techniques and treatments.

Dental Care St Kilda combines cosmetic dentistry with facial rejuvenation treatments to help our patients to discover the perfect balance between their face and smile.

Are you searching for wrinkles removal or Anti-Aging Injections in St Kilda to reinvent the confidence in you? At Dental Care St Kilda, we offer rejuvenation treatments to redefine your facial appearance. For us, every aspect of your face as important as your teeth and need a proper balance.

We offer a range of treatment solutions that ensure the harmony of various aspects of your face – in a way, a balance between your smile and your face.

See the list of dentofacial rejuvenation techniques offered by Dental Care St Kilda.


Wrinkle Treatment

Your smile becomes impressive when every element of your face work in unison. However, people may experience this harmony is being lost due to aging, health conditions, smoking, exposure to sunlight, and more. If you see wrinkles on your face that reduce the sheen of your smile, we welcome you to receive our anti-wrinkle treatment.

The treatment options include Anti-Aging Injections and dermal fillers. Anti-Aging Injections help to smooth the wrinkles. It is also an excellent choice for frown lines removal, especially when combined with dermal fillers.

With our treatment options, we will help you to restore a youthful appearance by removing the wrinkles, diminishing crow’s feet, facial lines, frown lines removal in st kilda.

Dermal Fillers

The treatment is highly popular among people to get youthful, plump, and smooth skin. Dermal fillers are small injections of hyaluronic acid, which is produced by our bodies. The treatment is the answer to a range of cosmetic issues.
Based on the dermal filler type, you can:

  • Plump up your thinning lips
  • Remove or decrease the wrinkles
  • Fill or improve the shallow area on your face

The treatment is minimally invasive and considered as a safe procedure to bring back the youthfulness of the face.

Teeth Grinding Treatments

Bruxism and TMJ Disorder or teeth grinding is a serious condition that can affect the overall quality of life of an individual. Do you know that it can affect your visual appearance as well? You may experience permanent damage to your teeth, tooth discolouration, gum recession, loss of natural contours of your face, and more.

At Dental Care St Kilda, you will get comprehensive treatment for bruxism. The treatment includes the use of occlusal splint and a muscle relaxant injection into TMJ to eliminate grinding completely.

Restore Your Youthfulness And Confidence

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