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High-Quality, Affordable Dentures In St Kilda

Are you searching for simple, highly affordable teeth replacement options to restore the functionality and appeal?

Dental Care St Kilda offers superior quality dentures and partial dentures to the patients of St Kilda. With the innovation in the dental prosthetics industry and our commitment to offering the best solutions, you will get more comfortable and naturally appealing dentures than ever.

Our dental prosthetics are not only easy to wear but help you to speak and eat better than traditional dentures. These specially designed dental devices can rightly be fixed to your gums and make you look more confident.


Different Types Of Dentures

Your dentist will confirm whether the dental device can ideally fit your dental issues. At Dental Care St Kilda, we offer the following types of dentures:

  • Full dentures – replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or sometimes both
  • Partial dentures – replace some teeth; they are fixed to the remaining teeth using clasps
  • Implant-retained dentures – one or more tooth fixed through the implant procedure

We also use precision attachments to fix partial dentures to the gums. The attachments are almost invisible and aesthetically appealing though they are expensive.

After thorough examination our dentists will offer the best possible solution for missing teeth, whether it’s a dental implant, dental bridge or dentures.

The Procedure

If your teeth need to be removed but you want the dentures on the same day, we will provide you with an immediate denture. Once the gums are completely healed, you don’t need to get many adjustments to the dentures.

We also offer implant-based overdentures that are known for minimal bone loss and preserve better facial structural integrity. Compared to traditional dentures, these are up-to-the-minute dental implants that provide excellent stability, comfort, and durability.

The overdentures are fixed to the dental implants. However, they are removable while brushing, and help you to ensure good oral hygiene.

What Can You Expect After The Treatment?

Daily cleaning of your dentures is important. Use a soft-bristle denture brush to clean and remove any food particles and other residues.

Why Dental Care St Kilda?

At Dental Care St Kilda, you will get a comprehensive treatment experience as we also offer cosmetic and preventive dental services. We provide:

  • Qualified, experienced team of dental practitioners and care assistants
  • State-of-the-art systems and tools
  • Access to preferred provider networks – Medibank Private, BUPA, HCF, NIB, which guarantee affordable prices
  • A seamless healing environment
  • Friendly, professional service experience

Revitalise Your Oral Health And Smile

Call us today on (03) 95346414 or use our online form to book an appointment to restore your missing teeth. Let’s make your oral health define your quality of living.