You had to remove a tooth. What’s next?

From the previous article, you already know that after tooth extraction change processes begin – the teeth begin to move, stretch in height, the bite changes, gingival “pockets” and inflammations appear and bone lose progressestooth extraction

All of  this can also significantly complicate prospects of  prosthetics in the future.

How to minimize the effects of tooth extraction?

The best way is to replace the lost tooth, and as soon as possible.

Dentistry today offers three options to replace the lost tooth – a crown and bridge, removable dentures and dental implants.

What each of these methods is good for? Let’s figure it out.

1. Ceramic / Zirconia Crown and Bridge.

This is the permanent fixed bridge consisting of an artificial tooth, which  is fixed between two crowns.The bridge will firmly sit on your own teeth and will serve you comfortably for many years. At Dental Care St Kilda we use Zirconium to make a dental bridge as this is most superior material, which does not irritate soft tissues and is not causing any changes in colour on the border between the crown and the gums.

What is important to know about the dental bridge:

  • Two healthy abutment teeth will have to be preparedso the dental crowns can be fitted;
  • The bone at the site of the extracted tooth does not experience a constant load and, as a result, will diminish with time; gradually spreading the process to the bone holding the abutment teeth. 


 Dental crown and bridge made at Dental Care St Kilda will save your abutting teeth from moving, will look very naturally like your own teeth, will restore the bite, but may not prevent the bone loss where the lost tooth was.

Dental crown and bridge

2. Removable Dentures:

  • Food may get under the dentures, therefore they require the extra care to avoid the inflammation of gums.
  • Since the load on two supporting teeth increases, and there is no pressure on the bone at the site of the extracted tooth, there will be bone loss at the site of the missing tooth.
  • Removable dentures are less functional than a fixed bridge, because dentures have a slight range of mobility.
  • The supporting teeth become loose over time, the risk of losing them increases.

3. Dental Implants:

At Dental Care St Kilda dental implant made of titanium is installed in the jaw bone in place of the extracted tooth. After the implant is integrated into the bone, a zirconia tooth is put on the implant. Therefore, the implant is the closest replacement of your natural tooth.

dental implant

What is important to know about dental implants:

  • Abutment teeth remain intact.
  • An artificial tooth mounted on the implant can be used as your own.
  • Chewing load is distributed directly to the implant, therefore, the bone tissue is not lost, but rather strengthens.
  • If the tooth was removed long ago, there is may not be enough of sufficient bone tissue to insert the implant. In this case our dentist at Dental Care St Kilda will be able to add to the bone to enable the placement of Dental Implant.


Dental implant prevents abutment teeth mobility, which saves them from future loss.Dental implants preserve the bite of the remaining teeth and prevent bone loss at the site of the extraction. Abutment teeth remain intact.

Dental Implant is the safest and best way to restore the missing tooth.

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I am extremely happy with Dr Kokorev. He saved my tooth from extraction recommended by another dentist, who could not do root canal treatment and offered to removed the tooth. Dr Kokorev did root canal treatment and at a reasonable price. He is very professional, practice is modern, staff helpful. Will come back
Stanley Cobran

Very friendly and professional staff. Alexander is a very experienced dental surgeon. I have been visiting his surgery for 14 years now. All the work that he has done over the years has been of excellent quality. Highly recommend.

Andrey Butrev

Thanks to Dr Kokorev and his timely response to my emergency phone call on Anzac Day! They phoned back and arranged a time for me Thursday. What a relief to have the diagnosis and treatment that day.

Jasmine Beschorner

Very happy with Dr Alexander. Friend of mine recommended him. I had root canal done here and it was much cheaper than quoted from another St Kilda dentist. I had small injection before the procedure, which was fine and after that the whole procedure was painless. He also cleaned my teeth and did one small filling on another tooth. Good dentist, no nonsense approach. Will come back.

Ala Vesna